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Career Guidance For Those Thinking To Be In The Academic Field


There is no denying that choosing to be a teacher or professor is not only a pragmatic choice but also highly rewarding. Knowing that you are teaching and imparting knowledge to the generation of tomorrow can be incredibly fulfilling. In this piece, we give career advice on three types of positions in the field of academics.

• Higher Education Teacher: As more and more students opt for college and higher learning, the need for post secondary educators is increasing. The logic is simple when more people attend academic institutions; more teachers are needed. Anyone who opts for post secondary teacher career can pick any of the following posts:
o Graduate student teacher
o Assistant professor
o Associate professor
o Professor

All higher education teachers work either in universities or colleges. The opportunities are immense with the possibility of becoming the head of a department or more. For those considering this field, you need to have a master’s degree. This is applicable for those thinking of teaching in a technical college or community college. Universities that offer four-year degrees mostly have academicians with doctoral degrees. Any candidate who has teaching experience will be preferred for the job. Therefore, it is recommended to work as a teaching assistant during graduation.

• Education Administrator: under the field of post secondary education administrator come the highest-level jobs in the academic sector. The positions may be any of the following:
o Dean
o chief academic officer/ provost
o department head
o Registrar
o administration director

The goal of each post is to ensure that the institute runs as smoothly as possible. The people who hold these jobs lead all the faculty and student service providers in the college or university. For those considering this kind of post, the education requirement may vary as per the college or university. But one prerequisite is common to all – an advanced degree. These days an education-focused degree is preferred over any other master or doctoral one.

• Counselor: Higher education is not the only area where teachers and educators are needed. Schools are in constant requirement of employees. One position that has massive growth opportunities is a school counselor. With growing mental health issues, the need for people who can guide children and young adults to the right path is rising. Counselors are the ones who offer additional support to students when they need it. Besides helping in a crisis, school counselors also aid in:
o Academic choices
o Career selection
o Meeting graduation requirements
o Behavioural issues
o Social problems
o Personal difficulties

To become a school counselor, one needs to have a master’s degree in counseling or a related field. Some institutes may ask for certification and other conditions. These terms have to be met because at times counselors need the technical know-how to test for learning disabilities.

There are many other positions in the industry that can be opted for besides the three listed above. Also, individuals who are looking for career change ideas can consider any one of them as long as they have the right educational background.

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