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Here is a job placement guide that guides you to touch the alps of success! This placement guidance will link up the university studies and the job market, thereby helping the students to get a detailed understanding of qualifications and professional profiles needed within the job sector. It also helps in making them identify by providing information regarding their strong and weak points so that they can make the right decision regarding their careers. The placement careers advice aids the students to reach out for their dreams and make it a reality. The placement tips help them in placement preparation is a focused manner. The placement advice offers assistance in doing the following:

· Development of a resume or CV
The path to the right career starts with the right CV. Without a proper CV or resume that impresses the employers, it can be difficult to get noticed. We offer you all the guidance you need to get that CV that can boost your career growth

· Gives information about any career openings
You will always be up to date about any career openings that can be useful for you. We keep you informed and lets you know when to take action.

· Counseling and individual meet-ups on an appointment
Any advice or counseling you need regarding career decisions or anything related to it, you will get it on prior appointment. We are always there to lend a helping hand.

· Conveying the names and educational details of students to the enterprises looking for placement.
We often come across enterprises on the lookout for students like you. We offer them the data they need so that they can contact aspiring students like you easily.

· Recruitment of candidates for all the enterprises and firms who need expert help.
We help in the recruitment process of candidates when the enterprises need experienced and expert hands as help.

· Monitor the employment results
We keep a check on the results of employment and ensure that you do not get missed out on any opportunities.

· Management and promotion of training programs along with extra-curricular activities for the students and graduates.

The University Of L’Aquila opens the doors to career aspirations and dreams of many students by offering all the help and guidance they need to reach for the stars. After all, dreams are stars which are to be reached out and achieved! With proper guidance, the students get a clear idea of the path to be followed and work extra hard to pass all the exam with increased vigor. The results are often astonishing! The students are fast learners and need the right guidance at the right time by the right person.

So, get set to achieve your dreams one by one. Climb up the alps one by one and reach for the success you had always craved for! We help you by offering the ideal choices for your professional career. You can get career guidance, assistance, and advice from our Job Placement Office and Career Guidance Center. It also offers you an opportunity to step inside the database of AlmaLaurea so that users can get all the necessary information and services they need.

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