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EAC’s Youth and Young Parents division offers a wide variety of workshops to help participants learn life, parenting, and work skills. Workshop topics vary by program.

Workshops offered include:

Financial Literacy – Need to know how to open a checking or savings account? Need to know how to maintain one? Learn how to budget and save your money.

Small Business Classes – Wanting to open up your business? Develop a business plan, get incorporated and learn what it takes to keep a small business running!

Parenting – Learn how to care for your child as they grow from infancy to teenagers.

Housing – Need to know how to rent an apartment? You will learn how to read your credit report, explain your criminal history and have access to over 60 landlords willing to rent to you!

Anger Management – Learn how to control your anger before things get out of control!

Influencing Public Policy Workshop – You will learn how laws are written and changed. You will also participate in different rallies to bring your issues to the attention of lawmakers!

Fitness and Nutrition – Learn how to feed your family in a healthy new way!

Life Skills – Learn how to survive in the worst situations and find the resources to help you get through.

Domestic Abuse Prevention – Taught by Minneapolis and St. Paul Police officers, this course will help you understand Domestic Abuse and what you can do to stop it.

Healthy Relationships – Did you know being in an unhealthy relationship can stress you out and make you sad? Learn how to end poor relationships on a good note and find a person better suited for you.

Proper Discipline For Your Children – Don’t know how long time-out should last? Can’t figure out how to get your teen to listen to you? Then this is the workshop for you!

The Child Protection System – Have you had your children taken away and want them back? Come learn how to work with the Child Protection System to ensure you don’t lose your parental rights.

Child Safety – Is your home child proofed for the new baby or do you have a toddler in the home? We will introduce you to basic things you can do to child proof your home.

The Child Support System – Learn the ins and outs of the County Child Support System. Are your payments too high? Come learn from County employees on how you can make changes.

Health Benefits for You and Your Children – Need health benefits for you and your children? The county offers medical benefits and different screenings for you and your children.

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