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Jobs For Veterans II

Operation Green! Veterans Employment in the New Economy

Over the past three years, the Jobs for Veterans program has served over 1,320 veterans from every branch of the military by helping them to find employment at a competitive wage. Partnering with the Minnesota National Guard, Reserve units and veteran service organizations, we provided tools and resources for success in job search and career transition.

The new Jobs For Veterans II program is designed to help recently separated veterans find jobs that best utilize their skills and fit the demands of today’s job market. The program focus will be on employment in “Green Careers.”

Program Services include:

Career Exploration and Research
One-on-One Career Counseling
Access to Education & Training
Resume & Cover Letter Assistance
Free Job Search Classes
Coaching to Translate Military Skills to Civilian Skills
Referral to Schools and Community Resources
Job Search Assistance for Green Jobs
Follow-Up Services
The Jobs for Veterans program is a collaboration between Employment Action Center (EAC) and the Minnesota Resource Center (MRC) that is designed to help veterans find the job that best utilizes their skills. EAC provides services to veterans who do not have a disability, and MRC serves those with a disability.

Who is Eligible for Services?

Veterans with an honorable discharge from the military, and separated within the last 48 months.
Disabled and non-disabled veterans who are job-ready.
Veterans who can participate in services located in the 7-county area.
Those who are willing to pursue and work in green industries or careers.

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