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Workshops - Adult Programs

Workshops are conducted at different times and at different sites. You must call your counselor to find out about the scheduling of the different workshops. Some of the workshops can be tailored to work one-on-one with individuals; however, that must be arranged with your counselor.

Effective Communication Techniques for Job Search: Learn about proper telephone communication with potential employers, preparing a message to leave in a voicemail, email addresses, the importance of clear and accurate spelling of telephone numbers and names, the importance of retrieving voicemail messages on time and returning phone calls promptly, creating message logs, and follow-up calls.

How to use the Internet: Covers creating an email account, learning to identify different Internet portals and web addresses, how to send and receive attachments, including different types of resume forms, and more.

E-mail: How to send and receive attachments, downloading documents, cutting and pasting to and from different documents to a newly created form/document.

Résumé writing: Make a good first impression with a professional-looking résumé! Learn how to create a résumé, different formats, using templates, how to copy and paste to and from a template, writing techniques to make an effective and outstanding résumé, using résumé writing software, and how to mix and match different templates to create unique presentations.

Interviewing strategies: Teaches strategies to communicate effectively with potential employers. Learn the dos and don’ts of interviewing, salutations, personal space, body language, and dress etiquette.

American Workforce: Includes understanding job descriptions, definitions of part-time and full-time employment, understanding schedules and breaks, dress codes, benefits, vacations, sick days, family leave of absence, maternity leave, suspension, layoffs, fired, recalled, union jobs and rules, on-the-job training, and volunteer work.

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